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Useful software to aid researchers who need to generate narrative and storytelling structures. 


FAtiMA is an Autonomous Agent Architecture with reactive and BDI based deliberative behaviour, initially developed to control the minds of the agents in FearNot! (in European project VICTEC).The architecture focuses on using emotions and personality to influence the agents behaviour. Inspired in the OCC model of emotions, the agents appraise each event according to their standards, goals and personality, and use the resulting emotions to influence reasoning.

For example, a fearful agent may decide to give up a goal more easily. Continuing work in another research project (LIREC) extended the architecture with additional features that endows the agents with skills for long-term interactions with users and other agents. For instance an Autobiographical Memory that allows the agents to remember and mark emotionally significant events, the inclusion of a motivational system (taken from system PSI), which solves some limitations with goal activation and goal selection we had in the previous version (e.g. non-dynamic importance of goals), and makes authoring more intuitive.

It also incorporates mechanisms for Theory of Mind reasoning about other agents (i.e. reasoning about the beliefs of others agents) and emotional intelligence mechanisms (e.g. reasoning about and regulating emotions in others). FAtiMA Modular presents a refinement of the original architecture where some of the core aspects of the architecture were divided into several independent components. This allows the use of smaller, lighter versions of FAtiMA with only a few components, and also favors extensibility by allowing FAtiMA to be extended by adding new components.

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