Systems & Tools

Useful software to aid researchers who need to generate narrative and storytelling structures. 


iequalsi offers virtual environment with experimental interface and interaction models. Merging multiuser environments with story-telling engines, wireless clients, and emotible user representations.


OpenStories, Dramatis suspense generator, Fabulist (Riedl/Young) - Marc Riedl (USA) -


Oparis - ActAffact theatre - A theatre, in the terminology of thE OPARIS API, based on the display component of ActAffAct. - Stefan Rank (Austria)


PaSSAGE - Interactive storytelling via player modelling - David Thue (Canada) 


openEAR is the Munich Open-Source Emotion and Affect Recognition Toolkit developed at the Technische Universit√§t M√ľnchen (TUM). It provides efficient (audio) feature extraction algorithms implemented in C++, classfiers, and pre-trained models on well-k.

Project homepage:


Storytron - Chris Crawford's interactive storytelling build system. (USA) 

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