Workshop on How To Record and Edit Good Audio - Soundsdoable!

I will be running a workshop at the RIDERS Summer School on "How To Record and Edit Good Audio" - most film experts will agree with me that good audio is even more important than good visuals in a film, but that's one to chat through with Andrew Murchie, the RIDERS 3D film expert at Summer School... from my part, I want to prepare you to make your audio really great and to sound the very best you can, while using everyday mobile technology.  

Workshop session 1 - In the first session, you'll learn what makes a good, useable recording and how to make it using basic equipment. You'll learn how to get the best sound under various conditions, what to look for when choosing somewhere to record, how to deal with less than optimal environments, learn more on foreground and background sound, and how different sound qualities may suit different stories. Ideally, you will bring an iPhone / iPad with the app Voice Recorder HD installed.You can get this here

You may instead want to use a dedicated audio recorder (Zoom or similar) or you may instead want to use your Android devices. That is fine, although, there may be less detailed instructions on the device in that case.

Workshop session 2 - The second session will look at using sound to tell a story. You will learn to work with the audio you have collected in the first session, using Reaper, a popular digital audio workstation (DAW). You will begin learning how to edit and process audio with Reaper and will be introduced to some techniques for getting the best from whatever you have recorded. You will look at mixing audio, editing and preparing the sound for output. Please bring along a laptop, as you will need one to work on, and you should install Reaper onto it before you arrive. It is not open source, but there is a long, unrestricted free trial period. You can get it here

Luke Clancy - Radio Producer

Presenter on RTE Lyric FM Radio - and also a Writer/Producer

Luke is a writer/producer, and currently presents on the daily show, Culture File, on RTE Lyric FM, as well as creating documentaries and other series. Luke creates drama and docudrama for radio and is interested in exploring ways of moving content across platforms. His plays are available online:

The Vision Service 
In Praise of Darkness


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