New free online course in storytelling

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Starting on the 25th of October, a new MOOC in storytelling across different mediums. For those interested in the mechanics of current fiction formats. For those that want to know how stories are told. If you want to analyze, understand, contextualize and create stories and narratives, then join our MOOC on The Future Of Storytelling and share our passion for storytelling.



Nathan Hook - PHD student Tampere University

Nathan has recently begun a PhD about identity in role-play games across mediums at Tampere University.  Prior to this he completed MSc Psychological Research Methods with the Open University with a distinction grade dissertation about the relationship between player-charcter identity, immersion and bleed among Larpers, available for free download here:


He has a chapter published in Immersive Gameplay, applying a game studies paradigm to classic psychology experiments.


He has self-published two psychodrama scenario books, now in educational use in Denmark and a freeform larp adaptation of Dracula, available here:


He has written professionally for D&D and Ars Magic table top RPGs, and worked on PC computer games Gangsters and Cut-throats.

Nathan attended Knudepunkt since 2007, Fastaval since 2009, and has organised and attended Nordic larps.


Nathan attended Ropecon in Finland as a guest in 2013, and will be attended a convention in the czech republic as guest in November 2013.


RIDERS | Heriot Watt University (Riccarton Campus) | Currie | Midlothian | EH14 4AP