Conference on Interactive Storytelling - pending April 2015

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Dear Riders members, I would like to bring to your attention in advance that I am organising a conference. It will take place on the 9th and 10th, April 2015 at TFTV, and it is focused on Interactive Storytelling in Digital Games. 
The conference aims to bring together people from the humanities and other fields within the sciences to discuss the research behind games, and the application of creativity and interactive storytelling in interactive environments and games. The idea is to encourage an exchange and the development of projects that will show the technical ability, and the creative potential to be engaging, entertaining and useful on diverse and multiple levels. 
The working title of this conference will be 'Digital Heritage interviews Interactive Storytelling - the technology, creativity and research behind digital games and interactive environments as applied today.' The two-day conference is supported by the Centre for Digital Heritage and will include panels, discussions, and a workshop.
So far, the spirit of collaboration and exchange of knowledge under which the idea for this conference was born is supported by Dr. Daniel Kudenko (Computer Sciences), Dr. Richard Walsh (English Department), Dr. Gareth Beale (Archaeology Department) and Professor Ruth Aylett, Department of Computer Science at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh.
If anyone in the network has useful feedback or suggestions on whom to invite to come on board, please contact me - - I am currently working on a CFP, and finalising the application for a Digital Heritage grant so all suggestions are most appreciated.
Best wishes,

PHD student at the University of York

Romana Turina works and studies at TFTV. Romana's PHD investigates the mediation of history in film and television. She is interested in the possibilities of its mediation in emerging media, and within the logic of interactive narration. Romana is also a screenwriter, holding an MA in Comparative Literature, therefore interactivity in storytelling is of great interest in her research.


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