Non-RIDERS Events

Inventing The Future of Games 2013 - Interactive Storytelling Symposium

Inventing The Future of Games: games have the power to transform the way stories are told. Because they are interactive systems, games can tell stories through AI design, or across multiple platforms, or procedurally, opening up new technologies for authors to express stories in brand-new experiences.This one day event, takes place on Friday, May 10th 2013, 8am - 6pm, at The Computer History Museum, Mountain View, Santa Cruz, California, USA. See details below.

Official IFOG website:

The Fifth International Conference on Digital Storytelling - 2012

The Fifth International Conference on Digital Storytelling: ICIDS returned to Europe taking place in Spain for 2012.

Location based storytelling symposium - 2012

Location based storytelling symposium: This symposium responded to an upsurge in interest to harness mobile technologies and mapping tools for the purposes of storytelling, hosted by Bournemouthe University, Media School.

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