Non-RIDERS Events

Interactive workshop by interweaving TV and the web

In conjunction with ACM TVX 2014 (formerly EuroITV) in Newcastle, UK, on the 25th of June 2014.

An exciting workshop exploring new possibilities for television to realised through the LinkedTV vision of interweaving seamlessly TV and Web content, and how this can be used to build new forms of interactive stories around streamed audiovisual and Web content. Apply to take part.

Living Games Conference

First academic conference on larp in the US:

from their website:

Live action role-playing games are a vibrant and thriving part of the game world. They stand at the crossroads of performance and simulation, improvisation and mechanical design, and provide players with experiences that are impactful, entertaining and wholly unique from other kinds of play. Often misunderstood, there is far too little discussion about the designs, academic explorations and innovations going on in this strong community.

Well, we're here to talk about LARP, and in a big way.

The Living Games Conference is a live-action roleplaying games conference held at New York University. It will serve as a place where scholars, game designers, and community leaders from across the country and across the world can come together to talk about LARP. Sponsored by the NYU Game Center, the conference will offer panels and discussions by leading innovators in live action games, as well as provide a place for designers to present their work at a games showcase.

Along with the conference, there will be a Living Games Journal published, compiling papers from the best and brightest academic minds in live-action games. This proceeding will be peer reviewed and published by CMU Press.

Come join members of the live action games community to talk about where LARP has been, what's happening now in the field, and what the future of live-action roleplay games will look like in this three-day conference event.

When: March 14-16 2014

Where: NYU Magnet Center – 2 Metrotech Plaza Brooklyn, New York 11201

ICIDS 2013

ICIDS 2013 - Interactive Storytelling  - the next ICIDS conference will be held in Istanbul, Turkey, November 6 - 9, 2013. More informaton coming soon

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