Systems & Tools

Useful software to aid researchers who need to generate narrative and storytelling structures. 

Advanced Stories

Advanced Stories - ASAPS, an open, extensible system for interactive narrative. A complete system containing three required components - Hartmut Koenitz (USA)


FearNot! is an interractive system which intents to provoke the user's empathy. Users advice the virtual characters over the next acation they should follow; the plot is generated based on the concept of the emergent narrative. The virtual characters, which are embodied with emotions, act within a 3D virtual environment.

For more information you can visit FearNot! homepage Watch the FearNot! promo video


Emergent Narrative, Distributed Drama Management

Emergent Narrative, Distributed Drama Management - Louchart, Aylett, Weallans (UK) - ;


HypeDyn (hyped in) - a procedural hypertext fiction authoring tool for people who want to create text-based interactive stories that adapt to reader choice developed by Alex Mitchell. (Singapore) 



FAtiMA is an Autonomous Agent Architecture with reactive and BDI based deliberative behaviour, initially developed to control the minds of the agents in FearNot! (in European project VICTEC).The architecture focuses on using emotions and personality to influence the agents behaviour. Inspired in the OCC model of emotions, the agents appraise each event according to their standards, goals and personality, and use the resulting emotions to influence reasoning

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IDTension -IDtension is a research project on interactive drama carried out by Dr Nicolas Szilas. The project is hosted by the TECFA Lab at the University of Geneva. (Switzerland)

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