In a dynamic digital medium, onscreen text is free to be expressive on multiple levels. As reader-players, we process the content of the text, the meaning of the words, and we simultaneously process text as visual material, yet this modality tends to be underexploited in many text-based playable narrative forms. For example, could the way text performs on screen, its appearance and animation, be an objective correlative for the nuanced way lines might be delivered by a human actor, inflecting the words with subtleties of meaning and emotion? This talk will begin to explore some of the ways text might be used more expressively in the service of storytelling.

Christine Wilks is a digital writer, artist and developer of playable stories. Her digital fiction, Underbelly, won the New Media Writing Prize 2010 and her work is published and exhibited internationally, appearing in anthologies of electronic literature, online journals, conferences and festivals. Christine’s practice-based PhD research explores using expressive processing to create a character-driven playable narrative.