StoryStorm: A Collaborative Exchange of Methods for Storytelling - 1 day workshop at Designing Interactive Systems 2014 to be held in Vancouver, June 22nd 2014.

 This one-day workshop will identify and map the range of conscious and unconscious storytelling tools adopted in all stages of research, including design processes (e.g. Personas and Scenarios, Forum Theatre, and Design Fictions) and artifacts (e.g. Visualisation, Internet of Things, 3D printing). Together we will explore emerging digital means of capturing, sharing and experiencing stories as a methodological tool and by drawing on participant expertise will initiate development of visual aids to distill and encode these practices for use in academia and beyond.
 We welcome applications from multidisciplinary researchers and practitioners across HCI, UX, design, art, psychology, design ethnography, and from the worlds of design, art, film, photography, or storytelling. Interested participants should provide either a positioning paper in CHI Extended Abstract format (maximum 4 pages, pdf) or a storytelling artifact (e.g. visual, film, object, documented performative evidence).

Submission deadline: 10th March 2014.

More information and deadlines here:

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