Stories as Dark Data

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RIDERS event 25th November at Madlab's Manchester... Just a short introduction to my digital creative writing workshop which will focus on using the 'narrative device' in the context of the 'internet of things'...

About the workshop on November 25th

Over the course of the two hours we will explore what an existing story can become, mutating it across mediums and running it through automations and human-digital cyborg readings - noting and playing with the interchangability of number, image, language, process, calculation, clue, puzzle and poem. An introduction will bring in a range of ideas, from Edgar Allen Poe's explorations of Cryptograms and Secret Writing, to the children's-book-cum-treasure-map Masquerade, and recent work by Tim Etchells, translating Conrad's Heart of Darkness through text, image and musical score.

After this, participants will develop a suite of tools for 'running' (with) a story across human-computer interface, and produce a playful collaborative publication exhibiting the results.

Look forward to meeting new faces - see you in Manchester!

Nathan Jones

Writer, Curator and Project Manager.




Nathan Jones completed his MPhil in the philosophies of language and noise at Brunel in March 2013. He founded language-art agency Mercy in 2003, and has curated performance and literature for FACT, AND Festival and Liverpool Biennial in 2008, 2010 & 2012. He co-edits the blog Electornic Voice Phenomena featuring critical and creative works at the intersection of technology, language and death.  Current projects include research into linguistic glitch with neuroscientists at Liverpool University, and devised theatre for multiple voices in partnership with performance artist Mark Greenwood.


RIDERS | Heriot Watt University (Riccarton Campus) | Currie | Midlothian | EH14 4AP