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Riders member Nathan Hook (PhD student at Tampere Uni, Finland) has just published the third book in his Green Book series of larp scenarios.


This book contains 3 original scenarios, exploring stories about addiction, grief and the passage of time. 


The most striking scenario is Turning Wheel, a scenario about a group of characters sharing a house with a cat. It breaks the normal narrative structure by not having any central Protagonist. Instead, it uses a phantom player controlling a prop cat as an central anchoring character who is not the focus on the story. The cat has the 'power' to prompt characters to monologue with it, to birng out the character's inner feelings without breaking the fiction.

Bitter Tears, the scenario dealing with grief, uses the 5 stages of grief model from psychology as the basis of character development. Sweet Nectar, uses narrative control loss as a way to represent the loss of control caused by addiciton. 


The book is available along with the previous books in the series from his store:

Nathan Hook will be speaking at Nordic Larp Talks in Sweden next week, about a scenario from his first book. The talk will be streamed live and available online afterwards.

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Breaking Points for iPad, is now officially the first ASAPS app in the AppStore. 
Well done to creator and Riders member, Hartmut Koenitz...
Produced by Hartmut Koenitz with Diğdem Sezen and Tonguç İbrahim Sezen, the app is now available for iPad in the AppStore. 
It is free, so check out BREAKING POINTS - the interactive digital narrative about a lonely woman and her attempts to change the daily routine in her life. If Hartmut has time, we might get a quick update from him shortly, on how he found the process of getting this from concept, to completion, and finally out there to civilisation!

Beyond Mobile: Design in Action Chiasma invites academics and cultural heritage organisations interested in engaging with industry to take part in a workshop to share and apply expertise and knowledge by collaborating on the development of potentially economically viable ideas, taking research beyond the academy into new interdisciplinary contexts for maximum impact.

There is the opportunity to acquire up to £20K funding to prototype ideas as near-to-market solutions. The Beyond Mobile residential workshop will explore emerging technologies, their intersections, and how they might be applied in cultural heritage and tourism, marketing, logistics and serious games.

Themes include smart cyber-physical systems physically augment reality, digital interpretation in cultural heritage and tourism applications, and the challenges associated with the convergence of media in shaping coherent brand narratives. 5pm, Weds 5th February 2014 – 5pm, Fri 7th February 2014 Salisbury Green Hotel, Edinburgh EH16 5AY Free to attend but requires 2.5 days committed engagement (all food/accommodation provided)

Closing date for applications: 4pm, Mon 25th November 2013

Apply online

Further enquiries: Louise Jack - - 01382 385361 or Debbie Maxwell -

Design in Action is seeking technologists (e.g. programmers, HCI experts & engineers). However we also invite interest from other disciplines including (but not limited to) creative arts & design, storytellers, marketing and advertising, social sciences, law and museum studies.

As projects, applications and tools for the creation of Interactive Digital Storytelling begin to mature, the time is ripe to discuss how various makers practice their craft of creating experiences, how the works impact their audiences and how the aesthetics and content of these works can be theorized, appreciated and critiqued as cultural artefacts. We believe such discussions, as well as such contacts between the current community and makers are crucial for all those interested in the further development of IDS/IDN as a medium and art form.

This workshop, therefore, aims to establish a significant venue at future ICIDS conferences for the presentation and discussion of Interactive Digital Storytelling works that will reflect the concerns and perspectives of makers and audiences. The envisaged venue will allow artists and other practitioners to present novel and inspiring interactive digital works, provide an opportunity for mutual enrichment on questions of form and aesthetics, content, and the cultural and societal impact of current and future interactive storytelling applications. By being part of ICIDS, this venue can build bridges by offering a structural interdisciplinary meeting point.

Please read more here:

The organizers are:

Noam Knoller
Interface Studies Group
Department of Media Studies and
The Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis
University of Amsterdam
knoller at uva dot nl

Dr. Henrik Schoenau Fog
Purposive Games and Interactive Storytelling Group
Department of Architecture, Design and Media Technology
Section of Medialogy
Aalborg University, Copenhagen
hsf at create dot aau dot dk

Udi Ben Arie
Department of Film & Television
Faculty of the Arts
Tel-Aviv University
udiben at post dot tau dot ac dot il

Please contact us if you have any questions

RIDERS members you may be interested in a PhD opportunity in Participative Mixed Reality Gaming within the Cognovo project. There is much current interest in mixed or augmented reality gaming, which highlights the emergence of new patterns of behaviour associated with the use of mobile devices. These participative games with simple rules are often played by many participants and provide a platform which will allow us to examine emergent behaviours in individual and group decision making. A key research question focuses on how to design ‘local’ gaming rules that give rise to a gaming outcome that is interesting yet coherent, and also generates unpredictable or novel emergent social collective properties not anticipated in advance. Mixed reality, location-based experiences are characterised by a transition between immersive and non-immersive states, which may be characteristic of inherent multi-stability in human cognition.

RIDERS | Heriot Watt University (Riccarton Campus) | Currie | Midlothian | EH14 4AP