Breaking Points Apple App

Breaking Points for iPad, is now officially the first ASAPS app in the AppStore. 
Well done to creator and Riders member, Hartmut Koenitz...
Produced by Hartmut Koenitz with Diğdem Sezen and Tonguç İbrahim Sezen, the app is now available for iPad in the AppStore. 
It is free, so check out BREAKING POINTS - the interactive digital narrative about a lonely woman and her attempts to change the daily routine in her life. If Hartmut has time, we might get a quick update from him shortly, on how he found the process of getting this from concept, to completion, and finally out there to civilisation!

Principal Investigator - Professor Aylett

Assistant Investigator - Dr Sandy Louchart

Project Research Coordinator - Vivienne Macdonald


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