Award winning 3D film maker coming to Riders Summer School...

Ever wanted to get your hands on a £15,000 worth of camera? That chance is coming as Andrew Murchie brings his bespoke 3D Film making kit and course to the Riders Summer School on August 4th - 8th.

Just like all the good Indie film makers, you will start from the premsie of having no money or time, and from there you devle into the depths of Indie 3D Film Shooting a short movie...

As you explore the world of stereoscopic filmmaking looking at a case study of how Andrew Murchie made a 3D short film for the global 48 Hour Film Project - you will learn about the challenges - and the solutions - you will breakdown the gruelling schedule - you will have fun (lots of fun) - and you will learn how it all comes together - in a stereoscopic 3D storytelling experience - yes, quite different from a 2D offering - yet enhancing potential for interactive storytellers.

So get ready to pick up the camera and shoot!

More details of the workshop here


Andrew Murchie is an award winning writer, director and motion graphics designer based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Andrew splits his time between filmmaking with his independent production company Enhanced Dimensions and managing digital, video and motion graphics projects in London & Edinburgh based marketing agency, Multiply, where he is a company director.

Andrew’s stereoscopic 3D work has been screened on UK TV and in 3D events and film festivals worldwide receiving many accolades including Best Direction for “Situation Vacant (3D)”, Excellence in Visual Arts Award for his animated short “FourPlay 3D”, Best Live Action Short for his first live action 3D film “Cycle (3D)” and a special Director’s Choice Award for his live action 3D short films from the LA 3D Film Festival.

Having a background in multi-media programming led Andrew to experiment with interactivity across a range of diverse commercial and personal projects in the mid 1990’s including early experiments with branching interactive narratives and basic gamification of electronic learning projects.

Principal Investigator - Professor Aylett

Assistant Investigator - Dr Sandy Louchart

Project Research Coordinator - Vivienne Macdonald


RIDERS | Heriot Watt University (Riccarton Campus) | Currie | Midlothian | EH14 4AP