Summing up the recent LARP

I took part in the recent RIDERS Larp. Well worth experiencing. We can all experience a film and come away with different feelings based on very many factors but we essentially follow the same path. We can play computer adventures and end up with more varied experiences of a similar story, having invested different attitudes to do with how we act within them. In such an rpg, we can behave as we never would in the real world and reign destruction or mercy at a whim (actually, mostly, I can’t, I have real difficulty playing characters of little or no conscience, but other people probably can).

But put this in a real space, a room with others all immersed in the same experience and your actions affecting other people takes on more resonance by far. Even though you are in a situation at a remove from the everyday, what you decide has an effect on other people trying to achieve their goals and not a computer generated extra. I have consolidated my experience of the RIDERS Nordic Larp and you can read more here... 


Artist & Arts Administrator

Adrian Barber has been involved with role playing games for over 30 years and is interested in the shared experience that gaming in many of its genres can offer, and what we can take from this to plug into other areas, such as interactive theatrical events.


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