Evaluation is a seriously underdeveloped area in Interactive Story-telling (IS). Evaluation will expose limitations if technology is immature or content is scanty. The researcher needs to be clear what is being evaluated and to know the means to be used during the evaluation process.

A common sense approach of evaluation in interactive systems, is to measure the impact these systems have; but what does the word 'impact' mean for Interactive Story-telling systems?

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  • Coherent plot or users' autonomy?
  • What should be the pre-authored plot?
  • Linear or non linear story?
  • How can a pre-authored plot be combined with users' autonomy?
  • Should the plot be a single-author task?

These questions are being heavily researched across academic institutes and within the entertainment industry‚Ķ here are some of the common approaches to tackling plot, story and user autonomy within interactive storytelling‚Ķ 

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