Edularp Workshop Call for Participation

Edularp Workshop Call for Participation

This Fall, at ICIDS 2013, one of the world’s leading experts on Edularp will run a workshop on Edularp and how you can utilise the methods of analogue interactive narratives to improve our IDS products and research.

This ICIDS 2013 workshop will be offering the participants both a theoretical and practical introduction to Edularp, a form of interactive narrative roleplaying game that uses methods derived from Nordic-style live-action roleplaying games to heighten engagement and learning in education. The Edularp demos included in the workshop showcase concrete, real-world examples of applied Interactive Narratives, and the workshop relates Edularp and its methods to seminal works from the Interactive Digital Narrative community.

One of the most concretely applied subtypes of Interactive Narratives, Educational Live Action Roleplay or “Edularp” has gained great popularity in the past few years since its inception in Scandinavia. The concept has now reached USA, Israel/Palestine, Belarus, Brazil and beyond. Utilising methods derived from the live action roleplaying game types unique to the Nordic region, the interactive narratives of Edularps are now being used to heighten both engagement and learning in education and commercial environments alike.


Similar to a real world simulation, an Edularp offers the narrative to be experienced through a physical world, built or chosen for the particular pedagogic and artistic purpose. The participants co-create the story with the designers by improvisational drama similar to audience-free improvisation theatre. Through a common backstory - created and facilitated by the designer - it is possible to create a web of incentives for player to player interaction, based both on character motivations in the story and player motivation to succeed and “win” the game. This all can create very immersive, engaging experiences, capable of motivating students, and giving them the opportunity to truly embody knowledge and try it out in a non-threatening environment.


Co-organized by one of the world’s leading experts on Edularp, this half-day workshop will present concrete examples of how interactive narratives can be utilized for teaching, education and learning. Researchers and practitioners within the field of Interactive Digital Narratives will discover new techniques and approaches to constructing and enhancing an interactive narrative experience. The methods used, directly relate to many of the challenges and solutions encountered in other media, and these approaches will shed lights on new ways of thinking about interactive learning.

Furthermore, current predominant principles and research results from the Edularp community, professionals and academics will be presented and related to the field of Interactive Digital Narratives. These results include suggestions about how to assess learning outcomes and impact of Edularps as well as how to improve educational roleplay experiences through theories about engagement.

The workshop will feature several Edularp demos, in order to provide workshop attendees with their own first-hand experience, which will function as the foundation for a subsequent general discussion of the merits and relevance of Edularp in relation to Interactive Digital Narratives.


Participants are expected to be academics or practitioners within the field of interactive narratives, who are professionally or personally interested in learning more about Edularp and narrative- and character-driven roleplaying game scenarios, both from a theoretical and especially a practical standpoint.

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Workshop organizer bio:

Bjoern F. Temte is currently conducting research into the changes in user experience when translating larps into media-based interactive narratives. He is a Master student at the Medialogy course in Aalborg University Copenhagen, and has previously published ICIDS articles describing some of his research. He also owns a company which specialises in designing and implementing interactive narrative games.

Morgan Jarl is an Educational Larp organizer, theatre pedagogue and game designer. He is widely recognised as one of the world's foremost experts on Edularp, and has an MFA in Ensemble-based Physical Theatre. Morgan is currently working on a Masters thesis on educational larps.

Henrik Schoenau-Fog, PhD. is an Assistant Professor at the Section of Medialogy at the Department of Architecture, Design and Media Technology at Aalborg University, Copenhagen. He is currently conducting research in the areas of user and player experiences as well as purposive games and interactive storytelling for learning.

Assistant Professor in Media Technology

Henrik Schønau Fog's interests include user experience evaluation, evaluation of engagement, Interactive Media, Game Development, Serious Games, Interactive Storytelling, Film and Animation theories and production.He is particularly focused at developing theoretical models of player engagement with a focus on the desire to continue playing as well as evaluation methods to evaluate engagement.
In relation to Interactive Storytelling, his research interests include the development of emergent narratives driven by the desire to continue in combination with the dramaturgic drive. Recently, he conducted research in the evaluation of player engagement and impact of serious games and interactive storytelling applications among pupils and teachers in public schools. In connection with the RIDERS project, Henrik is working on developing non-intrusive methods to measure Continuation Desire and Narrative Engagement in various Interactive Storytelling applications and Role-play Scenarios.


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