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Thanks for the great Larp experience and the sharing of ideas. It was nice to meet all of you

OKE I am not a drunken revolutionair; but somehow those days were as good wine for me...

Very inspiring!

I do wish you all to live long and happy ever after...or at least till our next meeting...

Please stay in contact.





Jan Swagerman (storyhunter)

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Alongside my academic work, I also write mini-larps - short scenarios that can be played in one run by a few people in a couple of hours.  I use my background as a psychologist is inform the design, writing scenarios to play on psychological forces.

The best way to explain this is probably with an example. Black Dog was the second scenario I wrote in this style, exploring the descent into depression, based on a social identity theory paradigm. The players create one protagonist character defines in diifferent ways, and play a series of scenes in which each identity is atttacked in some way.  A card based mechanic is used to control the flow of the scenes.  Passing the protagonist character around in each scene allows all players to identity with it, and empower them to be harsher on the character (because they all feel it's 'their' character).

Some play reports are included on this page:

The scenario has been used in a school context to teach teenages what depression feels like, so they are better able to identity it in real life (and I hope, teach them about social identity concepts as well). Also, the existence of scenario has enabled people to talk about their real life experiences within the larp community.

Other scenarios I've written cover topics such as cheating in a relationship, social constructionism / guilt, making major life decisions, and different forms of love.  I focus on everyday drama tthat might happen to a typical person at some point in life.

Happy to talk about my work while I at the conference at the end of the month. If anyone would like a copy of my work, let me know and I'll bring a few copies with me (special cheap price for the riders conference: £8 per book)

My scenario books (3 scenarios in each book) are also available online from my store:

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larp costumeWelcome to the RIDERS members attending the Larp - LajvVerkstaden is really looking forward to bringing you an authentic Nordic Larp.

This is a quick introduction on how to prepare a 1700s costume by looking in your very own wardrobe. Since we will try to portrait the time of the French Revolution, we will use some costumes. Don't worry - this does not mean that you will need to sew your own 1700s costume, unless of course you want to! We will provide long waistcoats and hats you can all borrow for the Larp, and the rest of the outfit, you will easily be able to find at home.

Basic Costume

● Knee-breeches (e.g. suit trousers tucked into long socks)
● Shirt with upturned collar.
● Dress shoes, preferably shiny - or black neutral shoes
● If you have long hair: a ponytail at the neck
● If you have short hair: no products

Extra Costume

You are of course very welcome to arrange more advanced costume if you would like to. It is easy to find pictures of 1700s outfits on the internet to be inspired by.



Miriam Lundqvist - Founder and Director, LajvVerkstaden

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Although larping (live action roleplaying) thrives in many different forms all over the world, the Nordic larp scene has started to gather quite a lot of international attention in the last few years. Where live action roleplaying in the US and UK tends to center around levels and points (not unlike online games such as World of Warcraft), larp in the Nordic countries has a very different flavour. With practitioners more interested in deep role immersion, emotional involvement and collaboration, this gaming scene has developed a tradition of analogue interaction design which puts the focus on communal creation of narrative and individual emotional experience. The result has been experimental games with artistic as well as political aspirations, and themes that vary as widely as medieval village life, the AIDS epidemic in the 1980s, dystopian futures and science fiction worlds where our societal norms are dismantled and changed through the game design.

LajvVerkstaden (which directly translates to ”The Larp Workshop”) is a company that designs educational games for children and adults. We are game designers and educators who are deeply involved in the nordic larp scene, and who share the conviction that a) analogue, social interaction is highly designable and b) as a society, we benefit from individuals taking an active, co-creator role in art and culture. Our interaction design is not about manipulation, but putting agency in the hands of our participants. We design many different types of events – from serious games about democracy and oppression to playful larps in fantasy settings.

Our projects are created in collaboration with schools, businesses and NGOs and are specifically designed to give participants access to a learning experience that reaches them not just on an intellectual level, but physically and emotionally as well. August 26-27, we are coming to Edinburgh to play one of our games and run workshops in collaboration with RIDERS. Join us for a chance to learn about analogue interaction design, the nordic game tradition - and of course to play!

Within AI, storytelling research began with NLP work on story-grammars in the 1970s [4], aimed at the non-interactive generation of text-based stories. For example, Meehan’s TALESPIN [9] used character goals and planning to produce very short fable-like stories. In parallel, work on psychologically-plausible memory structures supporting stories was carried out [44]. However the advent of multi-media systems and then Virtual Reality – immersive real-time interactive graphic environments – in the 1990s, created a new vision of a dramatic ‘holodeck-like’ experience [2,10] or virtual theatre [6].

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