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RIDERS event 25th November at Madlab's Manchester... Just a short introduction to my digital creative writing workshop which will focus on using the 'narrative device' in the context of the 'internet of things'...

About the workshop on November 25th

Over the course of the two hours we will explore what an existing story can become, mutating it across mediums and running it through automations and human-digital cyborg readings - noting and playing with the interchangability of number, image, language, process, calculation, clue, puzzle and poem. An introduction will bring in a range of ideas, from Edgar Allen Poe's explorations of Cryptograms and Secret Writing, to the children's-book-cum-treasure-map Masquerade, and recent work by Tim Etchells, translating Conrad's Heart of Darkness through text, image and musical score.

After this, participants will develop a suite of tools for 'running' (with) a story across human-computer interface, and produce a playful collaborative publication exhibiting the results.

Look forward to meeting new faces - see you in Manchester!

Nathan Jones

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Starting on the 25th of October, a new MOOC in storytelling across different mediums. For those interested in the mechanics of current fiction formats. For those that want to know how stories are told. If you want to analyze, understand, contextualize and create stories and narratives, then join our MOOC on The Future Of Storytelling and share our passion for storytelling.



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The first of the videos for the recent LARP lecture are now up, also slides from the two day event, which will serve as a useful reference point for those that attended the event and for those that were not able to make it but are keen to learn more. Directly below are further research resources you can also follow up; the focus, Live Action Role Play.


Eirik Fatlands blog


This blog is about larp dramaturgy,  explaining and exploring how larps are made, and how they can be made better. It's maintained by Eirik Fatland and the occasional guest blogger

Interaction codes


This article deals with the concept of interaction codes: sets of player-held assumptions that create patterns in improvisation during a larp.

Jaakko Stenros


Jaakko Stenros Jaakko Stenros (M.Soc.Sc.) works as a game researcher and a doctoral candidate at Game Research Lab (University of Tampere)

We go by Jeep


Games in the Jeep form tradition for download



 Webshop with books on larp. We recommend the book Nordic Larp

Nordic Larp talks


Nordic Larp Talks is a series of short, entertaining, thought-provoking and mind-boggling lectures about projects and ideas from the tradition of Nordic Larp.

Knutpunkt (2014)


Knutepunkt is an annual conference on nordic style larp which has been running since the first event in Norway in 1997. It cycles through each of the nordic countries as hosts; in Sweden it's called Knutpunkt, in Denmark Knudepunkt and in Finland Solmukohta. In English the translation would be meeting point or nodal point.


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Having experienced the enjoyable RIDERS Larp and made interesting new contacts, my two day immersion in Nordic larping ended with an interview with the three Swedish Larp organisers of Lajwerkstaden; Miriam Lundqvist, Lars Nerback and Teresa Axner. You can listen to the broadcast here on RTE Lyric Radio. 

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I took part in the recent RIDERS Larp. Well worth experiencing. We can all experience a film and come away with different feelings based on very many factors but we essentially follow the same path. We can play computer adventures and end up with more varied experiences of a similar story, having invested different attitudes to do with how we act within them. In such an rpg, we can behave as we never would in the real world and reign destruction or mercy at a whim (actually, mostly, I can’t, I have real difficulty playing characters of little or no conscience, but other people probably can).

But put this in a real space, a room with others all immersed in the same experience and your actions affecting other people takes on more resonance by far. Even though you are in a situation at a remove from the everyday, what you decide has an effect on other people trying to achieve their goals and not a computer generated extra. I have consolidated my experience of the RIDERS Nordic Larp and you can read more here... 


RIDERS | Heriot Watt University (Riccarton Campus) | Currie | Midlothian | EH14 4AP