Nathan Hook

Nathan Hook

Nathan Hook - PHD student Tampere University

Nathan has recently begun a PhD about identity in role-play games across mediums at Tampere University.  Prior to this he completed MSc Psychological Research Methods with the Open University with a distinction grade dissertation about the relationship between player-charcter identity, immersion and bleed among Larpers, available for free download here:


He has a chapter published in Immersive Gameplay, applying a game studies paradigm to classic psychology experiments.


He has self-published two psychodrama scenario books, now in educational use in Denmark and a freeform larp adaptation of Dracula, available here:


He has written professionally for D&D and Ars Magic table top RPGs, and worked on PC computer games Gangsters and Cut-throats.

Nathan attended Knudepunkt since 2007, Fastaval since 2009, and has organised and attended Nordic larps.


Nathan attended Ropecon in Finland as a guest in 2013, and will be attended a convention in the czech republic as guest in November 2013.

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