Past RIDERS Events


The RIDERS 2013 LARP is an exciting opportunity to join with your peers in academia and the industry, for two days at Heriot Watt campus. During this time, you will take part in a LARP and enjoy informative lectures and workshops on interactive storytelling and learn how to evaluate and design a LARP.

Here are details of the agenda for the event, details on the workshops you can sign up for, and the application form you need to fill in to be considered for a place. This is a unique experiential narrative opportunityplaces are limited so apply sooner than later to avoid disappointment. If you wish to join the LARP on the 27th of August only, for lectures, this is also possible, so please flag your interest by emailing

French Revolution Larp


RIDERS | Heriot Watt University (Riccarton Campus) | Currie | Midlothian | EH14 4AP