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CIRCLE online symposium 2014 - Phase 2: “Commoning the Networks” - Sunday 21 September


How do debates about Networks intersect with those on the concept of the Commons? Is it possible to undertake a process of "commoning the Networks"? How could this be implemented in practical terms? Which are the techniques, technologies, language requirements and relevant methodologies to make this possible? What can we learn from the ways in which interactions occur amongst networks, both vertically/horizontally and rhizomatically/progressively? How could a feminist methodology facilitate movement, processing and exchange of ideas and practices in multiple directions amongst and across diverse networks, within an ethos that engages with creativity through a process of "commoning the Networks?"


The structure of the intensive reading group session will be developed between now and the 21st of September with input from the invited participants.

The group leading this process (Sophia Lycouris and Penny Travlou, both members of CIRCLE and the University of Edinburgh, in collaboration with external contributors Dafni Dragona and Helen Varley Jamieson) will provide some reading materials for the participants to use prior to the meeting on the 21st. Participants will be invited to contribute keywords and themes that interest them within the framework provided above. Their suggestions will be used to frame the discussion on the 21st. Participants will join the event both physically and virtually through online video conferencing via Google Hangouts on Air, and the entire event will be documented.

The intensive session on the 21st of September is understood as a step within a long-term process. We are aiming at new observations which will provide a platform for the next stage of this process.

If you would like to participate please email Sophia Lycouris at by Wednesday 10 September, and you will receive further details. The event is free and the venue will be in Edinburgh. However participants can also attend virtually.

CIRCLE (Creative Interdisciplinary Research in Collaborative Environments)research network 

CIRCLE's members are researchers and creative practitioners at the University of Edinburgh and elsewhere. They work across the creative arts, architecture, the humanities, the physical and social sciences. Their research focuses on developing creative collaborative environments, employing methods across disciplines. Their aim is to develop effective and affecting interactive environments, within a critical framework, seeking the insights that interdisciplinary inquiry might allow.

*This event is funded and supported by the University of Edinburgh.



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