What is RIDERS?

RIDERS is Research in Interactive Drama Environments, Role-play and Storytelling. The project is funded by EPSRC until September 2014. It aims to build a network community of interactive digital story telling experts in the UK and abroad - join RIDERS to bridge current barriers whatever your discipline and get to know other professionals across the field.

We have members from drama, to computer programming, to board-based role-play, so if you're interested in interactive story telling with expertise in your area, do contact us. You might even be asked to speak at one of our events. We want you all to contribute to the site, and to keep us posted on your latest research...

RIDERS holds regular events around the UK, so that multi-disciplinarists in academia and the entertainment industry can get together to explore different research areas within interactive storytelling.

We encourage both academics and those working in the creative and entertainment industries within interactive digital storytelling to apply for RIDERS membership - let the sparks of synergy fly between technological development, theoretical analysis and practitioner results...  


Latest Features & News

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24 Mar
Hello RIDERS, some interesting conferences coming up that I would like to share with the network... I will be talking at the RIDERS final event next ...
Silver stories call for papers - May 2015
2 Mar
Silver Stories (2013 - 2015) is a research and training partnership of nine organisations from six countries. It brings together expertise in digital ...

Research Tools

We currently offer a range of research tools including presentation downloads, software links and more.  Please make your choice from the selection below:

Upcoming Event

RIDERS final event on April 1st 2015 will be held in Edinburgh. Please find full agenda and come and join us...

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